Sallyann Milam Paschall


I'm fascinated with images of all kinds. I love to take snippets of photographs or advertisements and change them, enlarge them until they do not even resemble their source. I love to peruse through the older family photo albums and search for images that represent who I am and the people I come from. It's interesting to put two or more images together to create something entirely new and abstract yet still retain that connection to my past.

I also usually work in series, doing quite a number of images that are similar or that have a similar theme. An example would be all of the images of Bear Butte. One year we went to Bear Butte as a side trip on the way to Crow Fair. I took quite a few photographs which I later enlarged and changed in different ways and eventually used as a basis for a series of prints. Many of these prints are successful, the ones that I show. Many more are not successful and are arranged in a pile on a studio table until they are reused for another piece of my art for another series.